Monday, February 16, 2009

Amrit Garg


  1. his brainruns like computer...
    not in crrct way bt in othr way...its as if all double meaning talks orginate from him...
    the one who can esily link biology and mechanical engineering....

  2. ohhh bhai one who can beat me in my field of excellence is amrit garg no doubt( i hope you got it) !! ;) really enjoyed with you during the whole BAJA event. loadz of memories are attached to this event now ,i still remember the incident when me and you were standing like puppies just to have a look of supreet bedi... :D

    gud luck..

  3. wont hav to say mch...hez d ma bst frnd...

  4. the tharki roll no 1 of the class......the senti baniya is the best of his kind.....a true mechie.....a gud of luck for ur future endeavours buddy!!!!

  5. good...... here we go.... its true when you take a look at this guy something will strike you like you have seen this guy...... try to remember some mallu porn you have seen and there you'll just get it right... a true king of porn.... now going for higher education to expand his business..... i suggest you jobless fellas be right behind him for he might be your saviour........
    ok.... now jokes apart... he is quiet serious about his work ie ofcourse PORN.... good technical knowledge and quiet imaginative he might be a new revolution..... naughty america be ready for a force that'll conquer you.....

  6. as rightly pointed out by my partner in faggot cleansing,amrit truly is a class act.having refused offers from vivid productions for their special "mallus gone wild" series,it takes guts and a genuine A-Grade gigolo to go ahead and win the annual "pelvic thruster of the year" award 3 times in a row.
    his work with shakeela,babita and sunita has gained mass appeal in the underground pr0n is said that pr0n sellers are suffering huge losses because they cant sell their cd's as they themselves are holed up in their bathrooms.....not to mention the emotional trauma they suffer when they have to part with masterpieces like "the lone mallu","amrit ka amrit","ek chaarpai ki kahaani,usi ki zubaani" etc.
    i salute you,you short perverted man.
    i salute you.

  7. I was always under the impression that this guy was one of the nerdy kinds, till he joined our BAJA team. Then came out his true colours. His cunning smile tells it all. His ind works best when it comes to numbers. One of the few ones who can crack numericals and avoid mugging up. A future CEO for sure, he is sure to outshine the boss from SATYAM.

  8. he might be termed as the first biomechanical engineer from uiet has all good qualifications to become one.
    his all linkages in this field are perfect as he is able to link all real life situations with mechanical engineering .
    chinna of our class isalways ahead in pulling leg of people and all know about his wonders in gd .