Monday, February 16, 2009

Arvind Solanki


  1. presidnt of THE "C" group...cannot really tell wt hez upto...hes a spontaneous kinda guy...dats wt makes him special..

  2. the special haryanvi jatt, the pradhan of hostel no 6, the don,the football freak, milk drinking giant........wat else describes him????? no one can find refuge when he is out to make humour out of u........the devil can simply destroy u anytime........the moody guy jus wont do anythin if he doesnt want.......a very gud friend........hope u continue to b the same everytime i meet u.......thank u for being there!!!!!! all the best for future!!!!!!

  3. I din know much about arvind except for his annoying activities (bechara sid) but very recently I came to know that this guy can really behave as opposed to other class fellows.
    All the very best :)

  4. the first thing that comes to mind when you think of arvind is football and then its milk. he guzzles milk as if he's some giant freed after a hunger strike.

    a great person with a great humour and strong committment to his ideologies. you can't change his thought with ease.

    there are plenty of things that i could go on about... but one needs to stop when people start getting bored... so i better do so now...