Monday, February 16, 2009

Rupak Banerjee


  1. hey dada finally i got the link... :D

    well i met this guy during the ragging time when he use to be the room partner of stanzin & from the very first look i got the impression that this guy is the future scientist and that's very true, this guy has ultimate concepts in mechanical but i seriously don't know what he do with his concepts in exams. :P

    one more thing this guy can never think anything bad for anyone even for his rival too,and ya congratulations dada you did it i still remember your words when you said baja vehicle is your dream project and you want this thing to be done before you pass out from this college and you did it.

    i cherish all the moments spent with you, may god bless you and best of luck for your future endeavors.

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  3. oops,,rupak di jagah pupak likh ho geya c he he,,,
    well again i wud write dat hes verry verry sweet and kind hearted, and rupak get ready for our very own film festival 8-)

  4. dada as we all call him.......the manager of my BAJA team.....the one who went with senti almost everytime n came back.......the guy who disappeared from the class after 1sy year n rejoined in the final year with the class.......the one who takes care of all his juniors in whatever way he can........the guy jus cant withstand a bath........has set record for the highest no of days without a bath in the class.......when he reaches meta-stable state,he wont stop laughing..........a fun loving guy, he will help u in whatever way he can, getting permissions n signs on letters in uiet is very easy for him , a gud defender in football, cant see anything else except the ball without his glasses on the football field..........i still remember the day when u missed the header when i was the goalie........had a cycle driving which u have had numerous accidents.........technically speaking,except for robotics he is a phattebazz.......i cherish all the moments spent with you and best of luck for your future endeavors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. he is an absolute enigma and that is why it is so difficult to fill this space ..
    i first met him in my old room - 2/40, where he and udit often held 'discussions' ...

    i have never been able to figure out quite clearly what we have in common, but we always hit it off so well.. or maybe he is an extrovert and likes to interact with everyone!!

    without wasting much time, i would like to thank rupak for saying that one line which i shall never forget (probably never in my lifetime), i wont say it here, but i swear dude.. THAT LINE DID MARVELS TO MY SELF-CONFIDENCE wont remember it, coz you said it so matter of factly !!

    His passion to pursue his dreams is staggering and unmatched... if i were to select one guy in uiet who would accomplish his goal, no matter what happens, i would pick RUPAK BANERJEE without blinking an eye.

    wish you all the best for whatever you do in life and i hope you wont forget me !!

  6. Hes the reason satyam went down.

    kill him.
    hes the culprit.

  7. Rupak is a mixture of generosity and simplicity :)
    Stay the same and keep in touch!
    One of the better people to sit with in our class :)

  8. always happy and gay...

  9. DADA!!!! this guy is always the happy-go-lucky kind and you will always see him smiling every time(even though everyone is having a go at him all the time!). ive always enjoyed his company and we(rather "i")know quite a few things about him which for the sake of decency in this blog i will not divulge..:) anyway, he is totally fun to be with and one can be totally comfortable around him. he loves reading and is a true nerd at heart who talks about mech. engg. even in his sleep! i will always remember how we "hanged out late at night" in hisar together! best of luck yaar.. stay in touch..


    Dada goes to the chemists shop.he looks at the chemist and says:

    dada: "sir do you have condoms?".
    chemist: "yes" and takes out a pack.
    dada: " you have the extra large ones?" chemist: (looks impressed,which dada appreciates) "yes",and takes out a pack.
    Dada:"no no.i meant the 12" ones"
    chemist:"yes."and he takes out the pack.
    dada: thrilled "oh yes"
    chemist:"so you want to buy them?"
    Dada: "no sir,but could i please wait here till someone does."

  11. oh dada you horny little beauty
    i know u want to shoot me
    but look at it this way
    you do swing both ways
    im helping you gain acceptance in the community.

  12. udit has always been sickeningly sweet
    and that makes him easy meat
    so watch for this space
    his moderater ass,we shall mace
    an him now,i shall direct my heat.

  13. dada!!! :) the guy wid the most cheerful look in uiet! duur se awaz lagao DADA! dada will always turn arnd and flash u his 1000 watt smile :)

    smart, handsome, brilliant, cool. i dunno if ppl hav used these adj for u before, but i sure will! coz u represent all of these for me!

    happy-go-lucky guy who has his head balanced even in times of crisis.

    love the way u r bro. u gonna go places for sure. humein mat bhoolna! gonna miss the lil' time i got to knw u.

  14. Rupak sir alias dada.. I met him in my 1st yr but we had full interaction in baja in my 3rd yr.. really helping, supportive, caring and of course a brilliant guide for me as we share a common interest in automobiles (thought it's better to mention the common interest...)and what to say of him, he is man of his words he said,"baja vehicle to banke hi rahegi...".. aur banake dekhayi... dada all the best for future.. penin farina..

  15. dadarupak banerjee
    most of the time i thought that this man dsnot belong to
    r class as he mostly dosen't turn up in the class (might be possible that he belong to different world or era )bcoz most of time u r not able to interact much with him. he has spcl love for robots n other beings we will nt talk here . a good person at heart always thereto help n assist u spcially
    for the gender of his same origin
    . cycle se girne ka bahut shauk hai ise