Monday, February 16, 2009

Dhananjay Sood


  1. the focus boy..if u ask him ne thing in xam..instead of tellling u ..he wil say..focus focus..(god knows on what)..

  2. Simply in love with gears and transmissions! Seldom found in class these days because of much more important commitments to honour, Dhannu (!!!) is the guy in whose presence no one ever gets bored!

    Super intelligent, hes bound to have a great time whereva he goes!

    Gud luck!

  3. well about DHANNUUUU!!!! i met this guy just a few days back in fact hardly a month but whatever i know about him deserves a mention, ultimate fundoo aptitude, indian bruce lee, fun maker in trips, very focused and has ultimate knowledge of indian mythology.

    i seriously enjoyed his company during the whole BAJA event, be the same always and i am pretty sure you will reach greater heights in your life,stay in touch

    best of luck for your future endeavors.

  4. dis guy is brainy sometimz practiclz me iska gear atak jaata he wil alwayz remain one f ma gud frndz..

  5. the geared aggression of mechanical, the senti^7/2, the dhanuuuu, the guy who kicks me every day, the fun throbe, the guy with angled feet, the geared bowler, the GK of the list jus wont stop........the emotional guy would bring the best out of u to handle him........cant forget the day u wore the V-designed cargo pant, the day u came to college with straightened hair n everyone in the branch commented on of my best friends in hostel n branch.......the best man who can clear almost all the written tests that he gives......amazing ability buddy........hope to see u in a big company whose success is in ur gears!!!!!! All the best for the future!!!!!!!

  6. "Dhanno"- My other ex-rommie.....i've heard "Dhannu" is the new one...haha....Anyway, he is the most genuine and the best friend i could have ever got......he holds a brother like image in my life, specially the way he used to guide me at times even if i didnt ask for....a true friend in at this platform i would like to tell him two things - First, bike dhayan se chalana aage, cauz main nahi honga doctor ke le jane ke liye and second if in case u "ever" happen to go out with a girl for a date dont eat or drink anything....haha....i'm sure u would know why...haha....but seriously i'm tere liye ek bahut achi ladki hogi kahin jismein tere tantrums lene ke himmat ho.....haha....just joking yaar.....And haan placement gurgoan mein hi liyo, nahi toh bahut peetega..:P i'll cya in gurgoan after college then..ok? chal take care and good luck for FMS....

  7. Dhano, everyone’s favourite, my brother. Still can’t forget the 1st day when I met you. We started as roommates, became friends and you are my best friend. Always there for everyone. Very generous person, dude there is no one like you. Don’t let anything change you. And, I am sure you are up for great things in life. Keep working hard. God bless you!!

  8. the guy who's leg everyone loves to pull. be it his branch or the hostel, sabka favourite hai ye banda. u just have to mention something he's passionate about (cars, sports, dada....)and he can go on and on about them. one of the most dedicated and hard working persons i know. he's in mechanical on records but hai ye biotechnology ka banda! stay as you are and good things will come automatically. whether you take a job or go in for management, whatever you do, i know you will excel. God bless.

  9. lets see a hostel buddy who has been there for me in lots of tight situations.. he has changed or should i say matured a lot in these four years(his new found love for water is the proof) had a lot of fun playing cricket in hostel corridors or watching movies on my then new lappy. we had a close encounter in his sisters wedding which i know will be remembered as one of the most funny moments of our college lives ;) i just wish that we always stay in touch nomatter where life takes us..all the best pal.. may god bless you

  10. to start with..... the god is still in doubt and the humanity in mystery about the existence of this man......
    despite suffering from several draedful diseases like TB and chronic depression this guy is still out there living..... on first look you'll feel like he is a retard and will have an interal compulsion of taking him to asylum but on talking you'll soon be proved wrong and will know he is just semi retard......
    oh... recent.... he is the 'callboy' of our class..... he got calls from various top institutes.... a high society bitch....
    anyway be like you dhano..
    ps- the only guy to get a re with 75%..... and that to disparagingly.....i mean puri beissti ke saath.....
    ps2-also failed in sessionals miserably.....

  11. Dhananjay- I have always seen him with a question mark on his face as if solving some deep rooted problem. When ever a group gets stuck with some logic,he is the only one saying-"HO JAEGA, HO JAEGA",never dared to know how..!!
    get a smile on your face,and never straighten your hair again :)
    wishing you all the good in life

  12. Dhanno...yeh dhannuuu kaun hai bhai???? well jo bhi hai...i take this momentto chronicle the stiff opposition that i always get when i throw my ill approved facts to the my dear dhanno is there to clear the air. a very caring guy...helpful to the core and personally one of my best friends...i'd always be happy to see you shining in thats what you truly are a champ and will remain one...god bless

  13. dhanno.
    we all love you.

    he is the most passionate guy you will ever meet.we all rip on him.saare uski lete hain,par banda yeh sahi hai.

    hope u get the college u want.
    all my wishes and luck.

  14. One of my closest friends.. we met thru abhi n pata hi nai chala kab a casual acquaintance turned into a life long friendship.. bahut sensitive, n kaafi stubborn hai.. but a great guy.. very clear at heart n senti bhi hai.. always thr for his friends!! A very hardworking & dedicated guy.. Hey I’m sure u r gonna make it big in life..! n don’t forget the mythology lessons!! :P

    Prerna Grover

  15. wow... did anyone miss out anything for me to mention. didn't know you too well till BAJA. but yes that did change our lives.

    i guess someone must have mentioned but yes... this guy has got his mythology in place. just can't confuse him on that. neither on the transmission part. and yes... next year... if the team faces you got to help them ..... after all you're in NATRIP

  16. dhanno.. another hoshiapurian guy.. the technial boi of mechanicalz... he is the person whom u can say u ll find him with books wen all others are thinking abt wht to do... a hard wrker and achiever.. hav a lot of memories with u too... be it on the cricket field or vivas or lectures ...
    be as u are and keep wrking hard and work ur way to success.. keep in touch

  17. Dhananjay sood the future ceo of our class.
    best known for his military attire that he had worn 2 yrs back n john abraham killer looks . his gear locking mechanism are famous in whole of uieT but if u still consider the way he walks 1 still gets a feeling that all his gear do not properly mesh up (probably there is some problems with his gear tooths ) surely if u send this man to moon u r definitely going to find some craters .

  18. dhanno loves to deliver long bowling spells in cricket ..
    has an unimaginable stamina for bowling till the slog overs until he is made to sit out after being sloged by batsman all over the ground ...
    Always ready with his nectar of instructions for player of his team ...
    known for his furious cricketing attitude which overpowers his
    team members and empowers the opponents .
    this person from hoshiarpur loves to run his bike in a virtual world .

  19. still we are left with the discussion on his biking skills as he loves to ride with unimaginable
    speeds basically in a virtual world where hecan skid and apply brakes at any moment. in this field he has special love for speed brakers . though containing so many intellectual property he surely one person who can get himself patent.
    even after all this we still love him as gives us a break frm our static nd monotonous life
    our grt diamo

  20. the guy at fee counter calls him dhaanjay, we call him dhanno, our very own dhananjay is a true mechie. he has great aptitude and a very knowledgable person but is always very tensed about his future( inspite of having a placement in natrip and a call from fms), can you believe that.

    he has an obsession for gears and transmissions and can be called as a maniac for four wheel drive. so lets describe him in this language only, the problem is his own gear never mesh properly, i dont know whats the problem in his case their is lot of slip and a noisy operation.
    we have tried everything like lubrication, complete overhaul but of no use, it appears that its a manufacturing defect (the profile of gear teeth is not proper i suppose).

    may god provide you helical gears in next birth, but for this birth we all have to bear with his worn out spur gears.

    jokes apart, i wish for you that you convert the fms call.

    whenever his gear do not mesh properly, by default his left leg lifts and hits your ass, so beware when you are standing near him as this happens very frequently( although we are trying to find the fault in the mechanism).