Monday, February 16, 2009

Rohit Bali


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  2. bali,raja,kader ali..........r the names correct? yes they r.........the logic that this guy provides can blow u off.........i hav given a lot of vivas with him n everytime he speaks, his logics will make u forget everything........has a very clear mind n has the capability to do those things along with gandhi that no one can think of..........a very gud backfoot player in cricket........cant forget the sms who wrote about a sessional n brar during 2nd year..........well overall he has a good character, a gud friend in need......gud luck for ur future!!!!!!!!!

  3. bali, tere bare bas 2 logo ne likha hai?? what a shame yaar..! mere thappad se bhi zyada badi beizti hai yeh to..!
    Sorry for revealing it to the world.
    You have been a real "CHUPPA RUSTAM" all these 4 yrs.
    I have always loved your typical sense of humour, and muh pe hath rakh k hasne wala style ;)
    Will always remember you :)
    sTAY in tch n kp smiling :)

  4. Rohit Bali is amongst the most sensible and logical persons I have come across. A very dedicated and sincere guy, he posses a rare quality of good sense of humor!
    Surely the one who has this never say die spirit, he will certainly achieve all that he aims for!

    Gud Luck!

  5. bali as we fondly call guide for emotions relationships groups but always do opposite of wat he suggests...
    jisne suggestion maana wo gaya...comedian of our group..i used to tell him poori baat ..whenver possible in future we will definitely a great group...only we 2 guys and remaining gals...
    he believes in ideology in 'hasi to phasi' ..he looks great in white as tld not by us but some 1 special..
    congratulations for getting selected in philips ..all the best for future and keep rocking...

  6. bali saab... wht to write abt this dude.. he is the laughter machine of mechanical batch... hav had a real gud time with u .. be it the bunk plannin or cricket or studies... time just flies wen he is around...
    gud luck fr ur future sir... and b in touch...

  7. Bali saab is one of the few people in class who can talk sense and still agree to try out the difficult stuff the hard way. He has always believed in the practical way of learning. I still remember the day when me him and Udit decided on getting a project done, not revealing it to anyone. Well i thought the time had come to divulge our research.

    A friend in need... who often used to need me as a translator....