Monday, February 16, 2009

Harshit Bahl


  1. falls in underwieght category...;P

  2. the 1.25 ton mukta, the lightest of the lot with so sweet n "sexy" voice that can make u laugh in any situation............the one who makes such ultimate cartoons in class that can blow u off!!!! AAAH AAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAHHHHHH.......please i do need to record it!!!!!! the best jugadu person i hav ever met.....kisi ki bhi mar sakta hai in class.....mutuk gud luck in whatever ur plan is???? u wil b successful in any field u take ur elephantic foot into!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have known Harshit since I was in 9th std,always beaten up by his elder sister,with all the scratches and bruises. Your darling car is an awesome piece and its ride is worth while :)

  4. hez d big hot aalu f r class....drivs importd car to colg specially designd by bently n fiat,powrd by boeing,luks like a old mind it. its nt...
    Has a BMI ratio of arnd 40,,,maks vry descnt luking cartoonz...
    likes to make people laugh..
    nd......baki baad me soch kar likhunga..

  5. i love him.
    yeh sirf mera hai.iske bade bade boobies sirf mere khelne ke liye banaye gaye the.
    muah muah muah.

    he is the one man whos body can make u feel like a man and whos car can make u feel like a scared sissy little girl at the same time.
    these range of mixed emotions intrigue many and titillate all.
    everybody wants a piece of that hot ass.
    but unfortunately after dada broke his heart when harshit caught him in a juniors room,he doesnt feel emotionally ready for action.

    only hornytom is allowed the pleasure of seeing him sleep with that innocent look on his face in his room at night.

  6. this 1.25 ton baby elephant is the cutest person in class. but that is when you go by the looks. when he's out to kick ass.... well he really is the elephant then... who won't leave you till hell's gate.... and then there is the devil to take care....

    found mostly in the hostel... the innocence reflects when he's asleep. but thats only till he wakes up... then its gone and he's back in action.

    after the number of ventures that you have gone through during the last 3.7 years... well he's done his MBA already... so no CAT for him.. it's only for the pussies.

    no comment on him is complete without his car... well the memories stretch so far... but best was when we were in 37 at krishna chat bhandar... and the look on the bystanders when i got into the car... which incidentally has a very high seat for a maruti... i'm sure you'll remember it....

  7. just by the mere appearance of this creature infront of u will make eyes heavy and bulge by the shear amount of weight this multicellular organism carries on his two fragile legs . As unique and naughty as his age old vintage car that has all the new technology that has been incorporated in new high end cars with a very low CG can turn in on a very small radius ferrying this heavy fright along with it .
    INFAMOUS as freak picture drawer restinext

  8. has been very helpful by his pictorial representation of teachings of our teachers in very eventful and optimized way describing all nuances of their each move and flaws . has been a great asset in football team due to his gr8 goal keeping skills bet u can never get a ball past him .HIS ohs n ahs are very special
    makes everyone
    cheerful . then also a good person at heart.