Monday, February 16, 2009

Sukhninder Singh Sidhu


  1. just one wrd gor him..."feelo"..

  2. coomoon yaar,,, ardent ms. puja fan,,, has full collection of ms.puja songs.. but a gud person....

  3. o sapney dekhe bade bade
    bada na kuchh bhi karna pade
    o sapney dekhe bade bade
    bada na kuchh bhi karna pade
    bujhi bujhi si rangat jiski
    udi udi khushboo
    naam hai Sidhu.

    Abhi ke liye itna hi,will write more..

  4. Mr. S.S.Sidhu is a hardcore Punjabi at heart.Has full songs collection of almost all Desi singers.And you can find his collection on his cellphone also.He is greatly impressed by our college and would be more than happy to contribute his services in some way.He is a person who will blame his bad luck for every trivial matter.His energy levels are increased exponentially once he enters a workshop or a practical lab class.Always had problems with people not pronouncing or writing his name correctly. He is search of some "good" things in life , that "good" things be defined by himself only.He is quiet an ambitious guy with big dreams.
    All the best for your future..

  5. jus three words....feel lo, loi, s.i.d.h.u.
    Hardcore Punjabi desi song lover.........has collection of all desi ever to come out........his energy level increases the moment he enters the love with the subject "production engg".....a very gud friend whom i met on day 1 along with vinty.......the one who cant control his mouth........has had to go adm block everytime we get dmc for correcting his name on it.........."common yaar","b.......","feel lo" r some of his favourites...............dont change urself the same........keep in touch.......gud luck for gate!!!!!!!!

  6. had forget the roll no thouutey one(31)

  7. Sukhninder sorry for not replying to your msgs, i hardly msg anyone :)
    I have always made him cheat thinking he is always about to fail but recently i came to know that he is way ahead of me :)
    A very simple village guy who is proud of being one to the core :)
    Be a great professor and keep it cool with ur students :)
    girl students pe line mat mariyo;)

  8. sidhu.....aka....*yagga*....he takes feel of his own frends...u never know when he l make u his shikaar...he can b found strolling in parks in early foggy mornings.....he keeps an eye from his window on evry person entering sector 38......jokes apart he performs his work wid full dedication...he s perfect in production jobs will finish his assignments n only then breathe...a good person 2 accompany on a criket field...plays havin fun side by side.." comon yaar" is d motivational quote for him while playing lazy n sloppy criket...he s a die hard fan of sukshinder shinda live from london..never misses his rap songs and shakes his head n neck wid d beats.....he l never forget wen he had 2 drag d bullet along wid me wich dint had a single drop f petrol {it ws d first time he had askd me 4 a lift n v wer many miles away from home!!}wish u all d best for ur future...

  9. sidhu as we fondly call him..the dostana skills ..his fav song is 'chubare de nazare' ..he loves to listen truck driver punjabi sngs..die hard fan of miss pooja...he is juke box of punjabi songs..true mech. engineer...with best production skills and is goin to tech mech students in future..
    finally in the last he got a gal ..but if u ask him he fels very shy to tel about her..
    he is the only person in india , to get 99 marks in engineering final yr..
    keep in touch of luck for future..

  10. A great mech engineering in the making, sidhu saab is a great person. One of the few who can enjoy workshop to the core. Well.. he has his concepts clear and so is his goal. He's one of those who can work their way to anything and everything.