Monday, February 16, 2009

Rajneesh Dogra


  1. roll no 22.........the absentee in the class.......always smses me during a class to ask where n when is the class........the one who once was gonna reduce the fee to 20000 only but it never happened........the one who can carry any no of shits in an exam n come out safely.........jokes apart a nice guy.......gud luck for ur fruitful future.

  2. Mr. Dogra has been a very interesting character in our class throughout the four years. Once he was standing for the post of President from a party for PU elections, the next moment he would have a drastic shortage of attendance, then pass the subject of MOM when most others barely made it.

    Sometimes with chits in hand and at other times, with the support of his surroundings, he has let the storm pass over him with fun. A fun person to be with and a great friend of Udit. Roll no 22 would be forgotten at the very first instant that one gets after college.