Monday, February 16, 2009

Jatin Mahajan


  1. duniya khatam ho jae..par iski scheme bahane n khatam ho..
    he is no doubt the best 'jugaadu' person...

  2. schemi mechie....... cant understand how do u get into class so late ,still no teacher has ever stopped u n made u go out of the class without giving attendance????? gud luck for the future!!!!!!!!!

  3. This will be written in the history books of our next coming generations"The cleverest person on this earth is/was Mr. Jatin Mahajan". This guy possess energy equal to that released in a fusion reaction.Can never stand at one place for more than 1ms.

    Jokes apart , I know him since last 5 to 6 years. He was very intelligent from that time itself.. This guy had the solution of every maths problem on this earth. He's very fast meaning , makes his decision very quickly... Loves playing cricket and plays pool very well..

    Very humrous and knows how to give a WITTY comment n at what point of time..He's really good at GDs .After the exam you'll never see him with a smile on his face , he'll say "Yaar bekaar hua" .And when the results r out he gets a score above 85...

    He enjoys his life in his own ways and is my Best friend... ENjoy your life... HAve fun...

  4. well jatin is a very hyperactive guy...i love to be in his company..gappe maarni ho to iske paas aa jayo kabhi bore nahin hoge...bahut jugaadu...rota rahega pada nahin yeh nahin kiya par paper hamesha cent per cent karta hai..fodu..a nice n funny guy!!i just cannot forget our delhi trip..that was the best trip i had wid him..had loads of fun..he used to make us laugh the whole day with his witty comments..a very helpful guy,understands u and always there to stand by your side whenever u need him..very jolly ,outgoing person..all in all a gr8 frnd of luck for future..

  5. one of my real & oldest friend....he is damm intelligent, competitive & find him always chatting on mobile whenever you meet him...he can make you laugh any time & anywhere...also he is always crying after college/ competitive exams but ultimately gets a good result at last...hope you remain in contact...all the best!!!

  6. Jatin is a very happy and a jolly kinda person, always the last one to enter the class and the first one to leave! Has immense level of enthusiasm and a happy go lucky nature! Surely bound to have a great and exciting life ahead..gud luck!

  7. TINTIN, as v all call him. firstly, his cell phone will commit suicide one day as he never let his phone rest even for 1min. secondly, he will make a world record in breaking the most number of own spectacles.
    whenever he is around, one can never stop laughing. his witty comments and imagination is beyond comparison. whenevr we are playing pool, he the master of concentration buster....very funny guy. His energy level never falls down.
    has a very gud observation power, especially if its a not a single boy contact number in his cell phone, only for girls.
    very very studious guy, never shows he study alot only his marks speak the truth. regarding study, never trust what he say after the exam.
    anyways, v hv spent a very gud time together and he is my fellow infoscion too....aur gandh pana hai abhi toh.
    all the best!!!

  8. People above have commented upon your special inclination to girls, and still you cant sacrifice your time for one?
    Jatin I'll always wait for your watch. Dekho kab sharam aati hai tujhe :)
    Waise how do you manage to get so many chits in your exams without ever being caught??
    Every clge isnt UIET so tc..!
    Have a rocking life ahaed..!

  9. jatin....jugaadu...lucky one.always gets away wid stupid excuzes on getin late in wl nvr bore u if u sit nxt to him..

    .... hard working,sincere,obednt,...surprised...he he js joking..

    enjoy n remain as u r...

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  11. I am highly obliged to agree with simran's words the most most cleverest person,chuppa rustam,always on a run on whichever road he finds,nd his mobile koi bacha lo iske mobile ko,but jokes apart hes the biggest prankster,intelligent,jugadhu ek no ka,but apart from tat hes a very good friend to hang around,ek no ka padhaku,n full of extra energy never sits at one place for more than a sec,but above alll hes very hardworking n good person by heart.I wish u all the very best for ur life,n i wish all ur wishes come true.ALL THE BEST

  12. tin tin a he is fondly known amongst us..he is one person who i believe is the one maximum schemes....out of 65% in eng he got 64.9 by jugaad.
    he has bio data of each and every gal of chandigarh...but truly speaking he is good guy with great sens eof humour..alwaysready to help..nice to listen to his gossips..wishing him luck for future..

  13. tintin is a very talented guy who can type msgs from his mobile with speed of 1000wrds/min....dil khol k husta hai tali mar mar ke....bro remain the person u r and u will go a long way in

  14. chalaki aur mithya abhbhas karane mein is vyakti ka koi mukabla nahi. kalai par ye mehengi ghadi bandhta hai par kaksha mein ye aaj tak samay par nahi aaya hai, par apne lomdi se dimag k karran ye har bar kaksha mein ghoosne mein safal ho jata hai. jaisa ki maine kaha ki ye mithya abhaas karane mein nipun hai- dikhata ye aise hai ki padhai aur iska door door tak koi vasta nahi hai parantu har bar ye acche anko se uttirna ho jata hai.

    yeh prani kam vasna se grasta hai aur jab bhi ye kisi sundar kanya ko dekhta hai toh ek kkukur k bhanti apni jibah ko bahar nikal leta hai aur apni kalatmak soch se kisi aur duniya mein jaa kar najaane fir kya kya karta hai. par jaisa ki maine aap ko bataya ki ye chalak bahut hai ye us kanya k samne apni bhavnaon ko chupane mein kamyaab ho jata hai aur usse shishe mein utar leta hai, iski isi khubi k karran aaj poori kaksha mein yehi ek aisa prani hai jo sab se zyada kanyaon ko janta hai aur jab bhi kisi sahpathi ko kisi kanya hetu kuch jaankari cahiye hoti hai wo isi k paas aate hai.

    par kuch bhi kaho, is prani ki baatein hasya ras mein doobi hoti hain aur agar aap iske saath khade hain to has has k lotpot ho jaaenge, isi karran sabhi sahpathi iska saath pasand karte hai.

    bandhu meri taraf se aap ko aani wali zindagi k liye shubkamnaeyein. isi tarah haste raho aur hasate raho.

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  16. ever heard master of all trades..if not ..then this is the person who fits rightly in this proverb (which especially osford has agreed to add in their dcitionary seeing this personality.)
    be it be sports, studies, laughter, gals, style,grooming n u name it..this guy wil beat u in every field of laughter n jokes n especially his witt nature..u can not beat him.u stand with him for 5 min n m sure u will dfntely need to tke pain killer...
    he has excelled in anthr self created field..the art of mobile everyone note this name..soon u will b watching him for guinees book of records for his amzing typing speed..give him 2 monile at a time..n he cn type 2 dffrnt convrstions more thn 10000 wrds pm..kyu zor ka jhtka dhere se laga na...
    he is the most prctl person ever seen..when ever some problem comes, most ppl will think wat to do..but he with his contacts all over universe would hhave found more answers than even google can come with..

    a very friendly person who will b soon heading his own JATIN pvt ltd..(whose first product will be milk packets n stipni for kinetics...he has gr8 luv fr both..why..u better ask him only especially for former).

    n in mater of gals...o mi god wat to tell...i dnt think even thr is a single gal whom he doesnt know...oh m sorry..all gals know him but he doesnt have time for selcted have privelage to b his accompalice...
    a person who is sure to reach heights he is very prctcl..knows how to get work hook or crook..a person who believes 'winning is not every thing but it is the only thing'..u r sure gonna rock..honour t be his pal for al these yrs...u r our tom sawyer..u r surely undefeatd champion in field of schemes for ne thing..this is art which no can coem with..wll like to learn from u..
    n ya dnt frgt small ppl like me when u touch skies..will always cherish the days we spend especially preparing for xams..good luck ..god bless..

  17. HUMBUG... :| DAZ WOT U R... HATE YU...