Monday, February 16, 2009



  1. a really talentd girl...a lone grl mechanchi in has alwayz enjoyd being one..

  2. miss fresher of our batch who may b knowing whole of the college xcept all her batch mates 'correctly'..

  3. Hey kiddan kiddo,, I dont know how much i know about you ,but still feel like writing so much :D.Any how , God has blessed you with so many good qualities and talent ,you are one sweet gal ,and daughter of proud parents,i am sure success and happiness is something that future holds for you. Thanks for being such a nice person that you are..Good wishes

  4. the only daring girl to take mechanical......Ms Fresher of our batch in uiet.........very sweet kashmiri girl......doesn't know much abt her classmates......cant understand how she manages herself in a class wherein every second someone has to say somethin weird to someone.......still i suppose she enjoyed her stay in mechanical bcoz of the largest no of bunks that we have had........gud luck for the future......

  5. i last saw u in 98...back den u always had a smile on ur of d most intelligent n studious girl along bein kashmiri ...u wer lovely n cute too !!!
    den came 05, we met again bt on d web...
    i was surprised to hear u optin for mechanical engg...however u was happy den and happier now!!
    m i rite su??
    wishin u all the success in ur life!!
    god bless...

  6. well i dont know much about this girl but she is talented girl as she was our years ms fresher. And i have had the honour to give her a ride of the bullet. tc and best of luck for ur future

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  8. Well I have known her since my first year. Our group spent some awesome time together. Remember Site 1, 2, 3, etc. Jab dekho we used to hang out there. Enjoyed a lot in those days and now when I look back, I miss them very much. She is overall a complete personality in herself. Our miss freshers. A great anchor on stage and an awesome mimicker (especially of sablok sir). Ready to dazzle anyone with her smile :)

    Here I am wishing you all the very best for your future. May god bless you always :)
    Always there for you whenever you need me - Jagraj

  9. yaar tune to purani yaadein taaza kar di blog pe comment kar k.. have had loads of fun with u during 1st year n the stay at your place was awesome.. your granny is really nice n chilled out;) sugandhi is a cute little girl with loads of enthusiasm n an ever smiling face.. all the best 4 everything!

  10. d first few months i thot she s a foreign student may b from russia r uzbekistan talkin in a very diffrnt language,,a few days later i discovered she might b an indian national who tries 2 understand each n evry word spoken in punjabi..she had to laugh forcibly on listening 2 jokes narrated in punjabi later on she hunted for punjabi's to explain her d meaning....she seems 2 b d most innocent gal around but its true until u dont sit wd her in class,, she performs practicals on "pain in human beings" she digs her pointed pen in d skin of students, she digs it repeatedly till he cries n begs for sympathy,, she practices boxing wid d ribs f classmates, she punches dere jawlines,,she has a tendency 2 break teeth f classmates..her minor project was to evaluate stress caused by stic pen{wich she bot in a punjab roadways bus}wen a student suddenly sits on d pen....sometimes she s in a state f memory loss wen she s not able 2 think dat its not a pen in her hand its a ** compass **...i regret why i was taught not to fight against galz....i cant even take revenge for d practicals performed on i understand y she thanked sid...hhahaha..n i smile wid a hand on my mouth so dat they r protected..jokes apart she s a brave gal wid loads f guts to set an example 2 pursue mech. engg successfully n wid full enthusiasm...very creative in her work,,awsome communication skills(specially in vivas}always there to help u in times f need.really thank in touch tc

  11. Sugandhi is an artist, a real artist of sorts, having myraid of interests and activities on her hands. its a real treat to be with her and talk about things which may or may not hold any purpose! Pages and pages of print could be writen about her by the unending stream of admirers she has!

    Gud luck for everything!!

  12. sugandhi madam k bare mein jitna kaha jaye kam hai.. the first girl i befriended in colg.. v had loads of fun together.. ye ek bar hasna shuru karde toh there is no way of stopping her..i still remember during goonj first yr wen i had gone 2 submit a painting 2 that anurag sir(i dnt remember his name exactly) n there ws some mix up n you had laughed your head off at me so much so dat u actually fell down n dat 2 at uiet entrance.. :);)
    i admire d way she has moved ahead in life taking life's ups n downs in her stride..really independent n confident..holds her own in a class full of guys.. way to go girl !!

    n of course, how cn i 4get "DID"(i try really hard 2 ;)) n "obviously i like her" haha

    have a gr8 life..all d best 4 everything !

    cheers !!

  13. Sugandhi ,chutku as i call her, is the sweetest girl i have ever met...and bravest too...successful survival , as a sole girl, of mechanical engineering is not a task which is not even dreamed by many...she is full of energy and always been a centre of attraction...
    she is a great friend and very understanding ,she never compaints except when we are not able to cheat ;-) ...she always smile and forces me to smile even in my worst times..
    wish you all the best and all the success in life...

    Your pestering will never bother me... :-)

  14. there are stories.... there is truth.... its up to you to decide.....
    this girl is from 'KGB'..... the russian intelligence ...(you have a look at her and you wont deny the fact)..... her real name is palyiotovic molodovna.....
    we did the minor project together which failed miserably because of her involvement in 'interstellar laser destruction equipment' project.... which was intended at the americans and somehow because of her personal hate against the jews.....
    legend has it..... she trained for two vigrous years in chechen rebel camp.... learned black magic from the zu mountain....and now all those who have belived to have known her are under her spell....
    speaks well... looks good... friendly....but you know thats how they kill......
    ok.. anyway...destroy the world... kill everyone...your wish...
    ps- i am paranoid....
    ps 2- if you intend to express your wrath.... start from dhananjay.... truly... start from him...

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  16. what do i say about if i start saying things about her then there are 2 possibilities;either my hands will start aching by typing stuff about her or the space will fall short..but still i ll try 2.,
    so sugandhi,she has got everything what a girl would like 2 have(except for height)..she is beautiful with those beautiful eyes n an amazin smile which can light up a dark room..she has the most beautiful voice..which at times can b soft so as to soothe your soul as well as commanding so as 2 control the mad crowd during her anchoring sessions..she is intelligent..she has an amazing dressing sense..over all she is a complete girl..and has got everything in her to be envied by other girls!!
    all the best for your life!!

  17. with priceless is wat we fondly call her..u might see her union mninter of women empowerment or chairman of NCW in forthcmoing years..she is worst victim of circumstances (by joing mech branch..)..
    she guided me n bali alot in solving the relatioships ..she has best kintetic with quintal sid on its back..n wow it still runs..n tht too with speed b/w 50 to 60..
    wishing u best of luck for future and keep rocking..

  18. So where do we start when we talk about such a celebrity. Being the only girl in mechanical did make her one. She would've been one anyway on behalf of her looks and the way she can narrate.

    A poet at heart, she has a very nice nature and can survive storms if she once decides to. Well she has lived through the four years of mech... APPLAUSE.....