Monday, February 16, 2009

Rana Singh Balgir


  1. the 'mae jova ' guy...whose bad luck makes him go out due to ' upper cut off'

  2. captain sahab whats up??? well i met this guy during the BAJA event although i had heard a lot about him from all the mechanchis of our hostel.

    well this guy has crystal clear concepts of engines and all, in fact he has a very good ability to teach those concepts also, very sharp, a very good captain,well focused and an ultimate fun-maker.

    i really enjoyed your company dude. stay in touch

    best of luck for your future endeavors

  3. one of the nicest person i have come across during my graduation.... can always patch up with the teachers for bunks... can collect all the notes... and when this person is not giving the sessionals,,, half the class flunks the tests.... well keep the same bro

  4. Rana.. or khopa as we call him...topper hai... gives all 3 sessionals every time... saale ko drawing se bahut pyaar hai...
    bahut senti hai uske liye
    hamaaare captain saahab baja ke liye...
    was crazy abt the car...its because of him we finished it on time...
    exams ke time mohali mein paaya jaata hai...
    everythin aside...has bn my frnd fr past 4 a sound advice if u need it..\
    be in touch mate...
    All the best for the future...

  5. u all might think dat i l b kiddin but its true he s d most sensible guy i hv seen in 22 years of my life..he manages evrything in a very calm n cool manner{wich includes wen v r playin hide n seek tryin 2 run away n d teacher meets us on way n its he who l still make d bunk possible}.a truly dedicated guy in evry field wethr it b sports fests r academics,{he dresses up accordingly which sport v r playin....n v all thank god dat v dnt play waterpolo 2gether!!!}he never gets angry..{even if someone puts a cracker in his nose and light it he wil calmly say "ikk patakka kyu laaya do laa dene siiige"he has probably made d time machine n he s not declarin it as...{in one single day he can make all e d sheets, make all matlab programs,,play 2 football matches,,play 3 cricket matches..go for bulls eye tution, handle projects,eat food,, go for bike racing(d dhoom style),coordinate teachers n students about bunks, prepare for gate,and guess what he still is enthusiastic at d end f day}..and yes one thing for sure f in any test he s not selected its sure d test had an upper cutoff...overall he s a true artist a tru genius and overall a true mechanical engineer who can screw every solid thing in his way...keep rockin buddy

  6. Rana Singh, commonly known as 'KHOPA' in early days of engg, but now the letter 'k' of khopa is replaced by letter 'c'.Now Known as "CHOPA". Dresses up according to the event, becomes Bishan Singh Bedi while playing cricket, etc etc. Arranges bunks,classes for convenience of everyone.Unable to control his tongue, even when teacher is close to him... Always takes panga with Dhano... But overall a good person..
    Best Of Luck 4 The Future...

  7. balgir aka fauji ..I wonder how u landed up in uiet,,likes of u are made to crack iits or something,,,u have been a perfect example of a cr. thanks for all those never ending cuts and bunks,you have always reacted to call of weak and needy students like me...your atv might have not won you frst prize but u certainly deserve that first place,,,wishing u lotts of success....huggs

  8. RANA-the sardar from bhubhaneshwar,thats how my family knows him,has been as calm as sea and as updated as BBC ;)
    He is the punching bag of our class inspite of all his virtues,vices there are none.
    Rana tx for all those bunks and notes which you have shared selflessly and religiously :)
    tc n KP IN TCH

  9. Rana surely seems from a different planet altogether..seldom looses his spite of very trying and testing situations. He is the one who has always come forward and does things to be done by everybody. A brilliant mind, brilliant temprament..has all the makings of a genius!

    Gud Luck!

  10. khoppa...toppa...83 percnt laake saari class ka naam duba diya..dhanno ki laaten kha ke bhi nahi sudhra...
    likes to study bt has no feelin towrds grlz..

    bt wtevr hez a nice hrtd prsn,ready to help n totaly selfless..
    dn change dude...remain like dis..

  11. Rana , is a person who is praised and hated by all of us...praised as he always done his work before time and we get time to copy that..hated because his work is so perfect that we have never been able to copy that exactly...
    he is a great friend who was always there when anybody needed a great CR, who always made sure that classes are arranged according to the students and syllabus was sent to the whole class in the most simplified a great mechanical engineer, with his knowledge surpassing even the a great athlete, class cricket and football team was always made by him...
    Rana you rock...wish you all the best and all the success in life...

  12. he is by very very far the best CR any one can ask for.fair,fun,and a great leader.

    he is the reason our class is so 'united'.

    he loves cricket,and is a sexy bitch.
    may you grow more hair on your body.

    bye bye.

  13. o mera hstl 3 ka yar! :)
    rana virey is wat i call him, and he always greets me wid a BIG smile! :) appa ne swimming v kitti si 6th sem ch.. that was fun dude! teaching u how to swim :)
    hmesha parkin me milta tha idhar udhar jata hua! fir last yr mein isko hstl 6 se zyada pyar ho gya :( sob sob

    dint get to spend a lot of time wid u bro, bt u r not forgttn :) tc, wish u luck ahead! :)

  14. jaali CR as we fondly call him..mae jva is his first favurite word...he has side look of BOMBER MAN..very fluent in core 2nd yr he had indo pak border with his ever best pal..jassy...
    he has credit of getting 90% in prac due to cc..intelligent guy..always ready wth practical of luck for future..

  15. mr engineer, mr cricketer, mr programmer.. u name nething nd he is there.. the topper guy... rana singh balgir.. sir just tell me the secret behind success.. whole class must be askin the same qs like me.:).. bt yeah he is the future of mech engg... for sure.. all the best for ur future endeavours man.. strike it bigg:)

  16. Ranaji... deadly combination : knowledge plus application..our team captain of baja.. He is very supportive, cool minded, hard working and the party host.. heard of his high percentage (is it possible in engg that too mech... but he is getting means.. jugadu bhi hai!!).. he is innovative but has to learn how to stop others from misusing his patents... ant mein itni hi gujarish hai.. Ranaji hame maaf karna, galti mare se ho gayi...

  17. I'm late in making this comment. Most ppl who care have already gone through this page. But yes, i have arrived.

    The first recollection of this person, is from the second day of class itself in this college. He was the roll no in front of me, and i still remember him among the first great friends that i made in UIET. The other person in our group was a big mistake in both our lives.

    Second and third year... well i don't remember having much to do with the class.. neither him.... and i regret only the time i missed here....

    Final year. Baja. The workshop. Chicken. Chawla. Captan saab, Senti, Indore, the race, and then his face. The last year went flying past us and we were there throughout.

    A sincere guy who is ahead of time even when he's late. A great friend. Great at drawing and ED, but used to have trouble visualizing the views. And yes... well a passionate biker... wears all his gears when he's even coming to my hostel.

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  19. rana sahab, yeh prani kaksha mein diya gaya sabhi karya sab se pehle poorna karta hai. ham sabhi vidyarthigan isi ki poostak se nakal kar apna karya sampnaan karte aaye hai. sabhi log pehle isse sara karya karvate hai fir iske parshvsthal par laat markar aur gaali nikal kar nikal jaate hai.

    samay samay par iske charitra par prashna chinh lagata raha hai, jaane kitne hi pooroshon k saath inka naam jood chuka hai kintu yeh kisi bhi baat ki parvaah na karte huye is prakaar ka sambhog karte hai aur sampoorna anand grahan karte hai fir chahe inhe koi samlangik kahe ya inke liye koi abhadra bhasha ka prayog kare; inki bala se.
    main inki bhavanaon ka samman karta hun, main cahoon ga ki aap aise hi rahe kintu is mamle mein mujhse zara door hi rahe.

    asha karta hun ki aap jivan mein safal honGAY.