Monday, February 16, 2009

Jaspreet Singh


  1. needless to say...if he is with u u cn never lose the game..'crocodile crocodile which colour u want..' after all he is our colour man..yo mechancheez fo him..

  2. jassy ....ambitious guy...person wid a very strng determination..has been vry helpful..

  3. Jassy, commonly called as Khasi in class. Believes in Hard Work, dedicated person. Hates Jugadu and bluffy persons. Alwasys seen with kataria. Give NIGHT-DUTIES for studies anytime depending upon his mood. Colourfull dress lover, u can get any type of dark colour dresses in his wardrobe.I calls him 'SANTRA' when he wears orange colour turban/shirt. I learned many things from him during engg... A v.gud person & friend too..
    Gud Luck 4 the future M.U.N.D.I.Y.A.

  4. mummy: chintu beta,x-ray andar se utha ke le aa aur apne papa ke chashmein bhi.
    chintu:(jumping with joy(joydeep,khassis other friend)) mummy kya baahaar eclipse aaya hai?
    mummy: woh to pata nahi beta par khassi apni pulser chala raha hai.

    yes.its true.this man is wanted in 7 pinds for causing burnt retinas and mass cow suicides.

    i have personally counted 28 DISTINCT COLOURS on 1 sleeve of one of his shirts.

    there is a reason people fight to sit behind him in class.the teacher cannot see past the glare,and u can get away with rave parties if u sit behind him.
    infact one teacher has gone far enough to call him a shining example of a student.

    sidhu has been known to study with khassi at night because even if the light goes,khassis shirt will give off enough 'glow' for u to study even in the darkest night.

    for sheer sense of style,machismo and sex appeal,you cannot match cannot even dare to try.

    statuatory warning:-please wear dark glasses when u enter the class.

  5. p.s.-yaar bura mat man-na.atleast not for 2 months.i need your files :D

  6. jassy virey!! :D mera hstl ka dost for the past 2 yrs..

    hav spent some time together.. talking abt rubbish stuff.. senti baatein, kudiyan, padhayi, ghoomne ki jagah.. this dude always has an informed opinion abt a lot of stuf! mera chd ka guide .. jahan bhi jana hota tha, iski bike and iski directions wud make sure i would reach there on time! :) thx virey.

    remmbr ur bde in 6th sem .. aroma at 2am :)

    stay focused, stay blessed.. bas thoda chill mara kar life mein.. life is not all that serious.

    aur kudiyan itni bhi buri ni hoti jitna tu sochta h :D prob bas ye h ki tu sochta bhot h.. :)

    mera movies ka source in 3rd yr.. pizza mate as wel! :)

    good luck bro. it was nice knowing u :)

  7. jassy the colour man..with dressing sense of 2050..the music fashion ka jalwas was inspired from him..he got alot of calls from hoshiarpur gals...but he is not lil bit interested in them..not interested a bot in writing comments to our class mates and write in this form as he seems to b very happy to leave the college..
    always ready to help ..all the best for future ..keep rocking with ur dressing style..

  8. ok now my turn, jassy. one of the few close frnds i found durin my one year in uiet.. for me he is a guy who is really ambitious abt his engineering.. studious guy frm hoshiarpur... we were always together durin tht year.. be it stuc, hostels or bunking classses :)..
    oh yeah , a hard wrking guy and i hav an example frm criket :).. where he has become confident enuff to challenge me now...
    wishin u all the best dude.. fr all ur future endeavours... just be the way u are and u will achieve great heights !!