Monday, February 16, 2009

Rohit Kumar


  1. famous for his hindi and punjbi proverbs,,
    the most famous one being...
    'diya tel se nahi, tel diye se jalta hai..'

  2. the parantha guy from the class........apni health da dhaan wishes for the future!!!!!!!

  3. Rohit known as Prantha in mechanzies. Uses to sleep in classes in early days of engg. Reads different stories in clases. A boy 4m sunam is gud friend and a ambitious person.. As rana Said take care of ur health buddy.. Gud luck for Godrej job & Future.....

  4. Rohit has these popped out eyes which are always upto impart some proverbial shiksha :)
    Gain weight like your heavy proverbs :)
    And keep in touch ,, aage jaaker ek doosre ko cervical ki medicines refer kiya karenge,hahaha
    All the best for Godrej ,tc

  5. a verry good morning to rohit ji..he was fonlgy called parantha but for last 2 years always good to share my secrets and problems with him..forthcoming marketing head/CEO of roneowed MNC...all u book lovers,....keep looking for his forthcming flick 'sunam days'..extra ...extrovert person
    best of luck for ut future...dont rock ahead as u wil vanish if u do so..sehat da khayl rakhi..

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  7. tel diye se nahi diya tel se jalta hai...........

    jinki aankhon m hota hai shola vo khate nai hai gola chahe saari duniya paaye rola...........

    notice board k saamne koi b aaye hum kehte hain hatt kyu hmne agle din notice dena hai patt.....

    meri favourite dish hai kadi rice te raaiiii,
    mai apne roomie d navi shirt pehle din h chori chippe paiii..........

    dudh ch dip dip karke khaanda m goodday te rass
    datesheet timetable notice poster chakkan da hai mera business........

    m goli chakki te laa ke nishana kitti thhhaa thaa thaa,,,saare lokki mainu kyu kehnde ne parontha kyu kehnde ne parontha????.......