Monday, February 16, 2009

Navdeep Singh Bhogal


  1. the best DR ne det can get...
    inna bogus aj tak kadi nae hoeya..

  2. hes my brother,,,life for u bhrava !!!

  3. 1st n last dr of r batch...a person gud at hrt..has been vry helpful...his favrt line just before class strts..."class kine vaje ha"

  4. the lallu of the class, the DR who did nothing for the class..........but still a very gud person.........always asks in the morning "class Kine VAje hai"...."kithe hai"......."kidi hai"?
    Gud luck for the future buddy!!!!!!!!

  5. Well lets say that these four years have been the beginning of a friendship that is going to last a life time.. former DR of uiet who had his campaign speeches prepared by me.. n to tell you the truth it was a lot of fun watching him buther those speeches.. we have called cars by differnt names,played squash in hostel num 6.. and who can forget that i had to drive his broken bike from dharampur to chd,, while he sat smiling on simi's bullet(the bike broke because he had an accident on the hills).. well i ll just say that one comment is not enough to describe what we have been through in these four years.. best of luck dude..

  6. consider this the official one,
    Navi bharava ,you have been such a great friend that it is hard to belive that soon we will be moving away ,you have been so wonderful and perfect in these 4 years ,thanks for sharing a part of my life bro,with you uiet was so fun .i will remember you and your total khapp till i can manage to,,,,,we have been friends from day 2 of our collage and will remain till ......kafi aa yaar

  7. d DR of d financial year 2006-07 in wich dis person was in news for making maximum profits in notebooks business, made huge profits in transfer sytems of registers, notebooks ,pens....our day begins wid touching our guru jees feet...he has a huge fan following...people die 2 get a chance 2 touch d most respectable DR's feet....d brightest future enterpreneur from pu....his new opening of educational institute "BHOCORP" will be starting soon wid close competition from "MAHACORP" j. mahajan CEO being his closest rival....the two enterpreneurs made BEL ran away from d fear f being overtaken...wish u all d best for ur future ventures....we touch ur feet again....

  8. Well i will say in a way he would understand
    1.He thinks he has rajnikant looks.
    2.he thinks he has knowlage about computers.
    3.he thinks he is a chick magnet.:-)
    4.he thinks he is gud bartender.
    well apart from all this he is also getting good marks these days and we all know how :-).

  9. Navdeep and me share the same laughing chord.. we laugh for no reason.. his punchlines are "थॅंक्स फॉर टेल्लिंग यार" and "tenu kuj pta vi hai?".. we both are the best looking guys in UIET with our gorgeous waists.. he has gone out with dozens of girls and dumped hundreds.. he's the true MACHO MAN.. A genuine HULK HOGAN fan.. a good frnd to have


  10. Navdeep, menu punjabi kado sikhoyega hun?? caalge to baad?
    Aish kari life che :)

  11. kaim a...i love to hang out with him...he loses his consciousness by just smelling alcohol...
    likes to laugh a lot... he loves power but still needs some nerves to handle it.. still struggling to understand the 'simplicities' of a computer...but one of the few friends i've 'earned' here in PU...cheers..

  12. bhaji as we fondly call him..its our pleaure and honour to have the oppurtunity to touch feet of the greates DR with maximum income any universty can get...
    for the last 3.5 yrs he tried his best but cud not make impact on gals...
    but his luck once obliged him with beautiful damsel double his size...his biggest rival, mahajn sahab sec 38, is awlays seen fghting with him for not allowing each other to cheat in examination..always ready to help ..and from now onwards contact him for any problem in ur refiifgrtors or AC ..
    best of luck for future..sada vi visa luave diyo bhaji canada da..