Monday, February 16, 2009



  1. sole ispiration in making if batman...
    role model no less than arnold for "best physique.."

  2. the tharki roll no 10......the best zero physique in mechanical........a very gud jugaadu........remain as u r now.........gud luck for ur future!!!!

  3. now ,,you are sweet yaar...we have been in same class for 4 years...but apa nu mile nu kafi din hoge niii???? you have been nice to me,,,stay like always

  4. bhai..... i swear he is ajay devgun in shrinked form.....might have worked in the movies with amrit.... you know what kind..... and hence his shape......
    dont feel like writing anything more.....

  5. divya of our class spreads his vibrant divya roshni by smiling shyly. I dont know why he always puts his hand on his mouth while smiling,kya aap close up nahi karte?
    He has been easy to talk to but difficult to rely on :) can kick you out at the last moment if he gets a better option :)
    Flourish in life!

  6. abey yaar last line k liye senti kyu ho gya..?? at least you had the guts to come up and say "NO,we cnt adjust you..!1 hehe
    Kp having fun :)

  7. well this person has been there and not been there... i'm pretty confused what to write about this one... so i'll leave it here...

  8. ye vyakti mera param mitra hai, ye har cheez aur baat ko ek vyavharik roop se dekhne ki shamata rakhte hai, har vishya par inki ek rai zaroor hoti hai jis par ye ade rehte hain, isi karran inke saath kayi bar behes bhi ho jati hai.

    yaantriki prodyogiki mein ye jada ruchi nahi rakhte.jav prodyogiki ki inhe zyada jankari hai, fir chahe vah gyan ki baat ho ya fir us shakha ki baalaon ki, inka koi mukabla nai.

    inki soch kafi suljhi hui hai aur inke pas doordarshita bhi hai jiske karran ye jivan mein kafi kuch hassil karne ki shamata rakhte hain.