Monday, February 16, 2009

Udit Goyal


  1. well this guy is lazy as hell....

    if hell was closer... he'd prefer to go there than to heaven....

  2. well this guy is the perfect example of good boy!! a cool topa in mechanical dept. who loves to talk to his teachers. well jokes apart, this guy is really very talented very good in studies, in sports, in management, in public speaking in short this guy is "jack of all trades".

    one thing i liked most about him that,this guy has the guts to convert the theoretical ideas in to reality, i still can't forget the moment when all the four wheels locked. that was just awesome.

    a very practical,career oriented and focused guy and his advices always helped me a lot and your one line i ll always keep in mind.

    thanks a lot for being there when i needed you, be the same always and stay in touch.

    best of luck for your future endeavors.

  3. The sanest of the sane in Hostel-1….Udit Bhaiya, the ‘big brother’ of ONE n all is very much da centre of nething constructive dt happens in our host….. My friendship wid Udit stems from a lota common interests, primarily sports, watching muvees n boozing! U always tend to learn something new wn u r around udit.wic is why I hang out wid him..da only one who reads da newspaper from cover to cover in our hostl…n da one who completely fits da profile of a Mechanical Engineer!.tc.. always take out time for people who r nt as busy as u later on.wic will prob include most of us!

  4. have bn with this delhi dude for almost years in class..bhaisaab ne breaks par bahut kaam kiya tha...aur finally breaks lag bhi gaye the...
    majorly the gentleman of our class.. has amazin knowledge in mech field... hope u hv a grt time ahead....all the best man...

  5. the brake guy without whom the brakes of the BAJA vehicle wont hav worked...the driver who drove the atv with ease....the head boy in the Baja team.....a very lazy guy......doesnt want to do anything different........the guy with whom i studied for my 1st year practical vivas.........he has the best knowledge of engines, emissions in class.........loves to ball in cricket.........when in form will blow u off with his comments........he took a very big risk in 7th sem........hope it paid off nicely..........the GRE guy who still remembers the wordlist.........loves to speak.........all the best buddy.........keep in touch!!!!!!!

  6. he s my partner for d invention f d glider wid maximum time of flight manufactured ever in d history f gliders {we thank god it never landed back on ground} has d best understanding in d subject f engines n mechanical vibrations{hardwork finally paid off when he was approached to handle a project on mechanical vibrations and he did dat project wid shear enthusiasm and courage..only god knows wher he brot all d strenth 2 finish his project..}he also owns a burger outlet in delhi{ he bets a burger for every ball being bowled in a cricket match n is currently under debt of a 100 burgers r so!!!!)had a vry undrstandin roomie fr d first 2 yrs dnt rlly remmr his name!!!!very active throughout d college life...a guy wid enormous reserves of potential...all d best buddy 4 ur future.

  7. Udit has been one of the most humble and sensible 'humans' I came across in UIET. He is a true gentleman,if only he could take his life a less seriously and allow himself to flow with the flow.
    Will always remember our conversations regarding one liners.
    The best compliment I have ever received in my life came from you.
    Will surely miss you.
    You are bound to achieve success,so keep smiling.
    Kp in Touch:)

  8. Udit is one of the nicest person of UIET...Very polite...very humble...lazy as a great except during great person tp be with...
    very intelligent and his technical knowledge regarding engines is just every semester that had thermodynamics ,he is the one responsible for all my marks...
    I truly appreciate him for his minor project and he could only do it...
    wish you all the best and all the success in life...

  9. Udit Bhaiya!! this guy is younger than any of us but we still call him bhaiya for some unknown reason that probably sumant could answer! one of my closest friends who is really lazy and wont move an inch unless he sees some benefit in the effort! but dont be mistaken by his laziness because he is also one of the most efficient people in our hostel too when the situation demands it. he's always there to take the pain of my bad jokes which is probably why i have a soft spot for him..:) we've always had "healthy discussions" together and he has always been the "guiding light" in all of them! take care dude..we have alot more boozing to do!

  10. udit you are the king
    even though you're not a singh
    your waaaay too fuckin nice
    even your heads free from lice
    youd look better with some more bling.

    ok.i give up.even i cant be rude to this guy.
    now brar on the other hand........

  11. udit the dude!! is one guy whose presence demands respect, atleast from me! one of the very few sensible guys in uiet, who knows wats happening in and arnd him.. thoda lazy h lekin :P

    wil regret that we didnt get to spend a lot of time as frnz.. but will cherish the lil time we did!

    u got a great dressing sense dude! keep it up!

    ab ye to ni bolna padega na that u'll do great in life; obv u will! mera ashirwaad tere saath hai! :)

  12. Udit sir... he is very focused, having great communication skills and it was after seeing his room that I believed even hostel rooms can be tidy. His good nature, humorous and serious at the right time, cool attitude, knows when other person is kidding and knowledge of what he is doing and for what.. is really admirable.. I think he is the one who does everything only when he wants to do.. One bad thing is I got in touch with him and many others very late.. there are few but really good memories of time spend with him and all of them...good luck for future.

  13. Udit bhaiya is the ultimate good boy who can exist in the hostel. He'll have all the fun that the rest of us wish of and still be doing the things that are good for him. Lazy as he is, he'll still get stuff done others leave for later.

    But do get over the habbit of giving up, you can do it, if you want to... just give it another shot man.

    He's been with me for the past 4 years and it has passed just great. Initially, he had a great room mate, who he forsaked at the end of his second year.

    And as usual the things to write never seem to be over, but i just feel like stopping...

  14. a true n few person whom we can say are really engineers..has immense knowledge in his who has remained active all through these 4 years not only in academics but evry spere be it b cultural literary..a person who rghtly deserves title og perfect gentleman but has been adjudged bunkbuster by many (u c kuch na kuch to ulta pulta hona chaiye..even thgh its not real)..
    wishing u all the best fo ftutre..