Monday, February 16, 2009

Vivek Sinha


  1. well i could go on and on about this roll no 36.

    and i shall.... but not just yet....

  2. Ha ha ha...mast hai..awesome often leaves everyone with "wht the hell just happend" look on the faces!
    Undoubtedly amongst the most intelligent people you eould come across ( GRE! n CAT scores are a testimony!!). Talk about movies, music, football, books, travelling...blah blah...and he can beat you at your own game!

  3. ladkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  4. he got 1410 in his GRE... no prep

  5. kina funny en yaar tu,,,te bakwas v baut maarda,,,te pehla banda jehda bihari kahaun te khush hunda,,,hes among few like navi and gaggi dat i trust....but besti jada karva linda....chal baki besti face te karunga

  6. ultimate cool guy...the one who is always ready to get insulted..n proud owner of bihari tag..
    n above all whose hair styles change from season to season..just like lottery bumper

  7. ViVek is a very cool person and a dear friend..Always in a happy mood..n always ready for a English flick or a British library..Doesn't take tension about much things and would ease off others also..I have had the pleasure of attending most practicals and vivas with this guy.He believes in philosophy of " if you cant convince your teachers with your answers ,confuse them".Also we both share a great bond due to great mis-administration of pu,had numerous trips to different blocks of pu with him which was a great learning experience.He is good a cric also, a good left hander batsman who can hit long sixes. Bas bhai ke mood pe depend karta hai, mood nhi hua tho paper nhi denge and mood hua tho bina study kiye top bhi maar lenge..he surprised everyone and himself also with his cat score which he managed to check after a week of results..Although his GRE score is still a mystery for few.Can anyone be more carefree than this guy.
    Best of luck of your future ahead,
    keep smiling..

  8. bihari the coolest n happiest of the lot........always very excited.........the left handed batsman can hit u out of the ground any time.........u wil find him mostly in british library..........makes his own philosophy......undoubtably among the best intellectual guy in class who has surprised everyone of us with his CAT score!!!!!!Always sits for the whole time during of luck for the mba!!!!!!!!!

  9. with d ugly long hair which havnt been washed since ages,.... wid d rough beard wich has been shaved off wid stones since it grew.....getting slapped from every single guy he meets on his way...people slap him ..they kick his bones harder n harder. ..they pull his ugly hair..they beat him ..they drag him on d roads,,they hit his head wid bats..they bang him door to door...but still wid a smile on his face ...wid d mission f his survival ...d bihari from d far off lands manages to walk and wid d bag full of potatoes wich dis bihari wants 2 sell ...piks up his electric guitar and rubs his torn away fingers on d wires and sings wid his heart full f sorrows ,d song closest 2 his heart d anthem f his liberation " m in d punjab now...ho ho hooo ho..i m in d punjab now....a bihari from d far off lands,, wid a single mission in his hands.....oh ho ho i m in d punjab now". ..wen he parks his rikshaw rite in d middle f d roads 2 attend natures call n wen he returns bak wid n empty bottle in his hand, passerbys slap him punch him teri **** ki ******* .......kahan gaya tha bloody ****** ? but dis bihari d coolest f all smiles at dem and clicks their pics wid his all new kodak digi cam!!!! a very cool person so cool dat even if he finds dat by mistake he sat on a landmine wich will blow off his *** in seconds he l smile n clik his photographs...a person who very well understands d comforts of travellin in trains in general d greatest calibres in class applies only in right directions,, a person wid d best social adaptabilty ...can survive at ne place on planet earth...has d brightest f d futures ahead...all d best buddy...u really rock!!!

  10. One of the most intelligent guys u will ever come across.
    cant make up his mind.ever.

    he likes DEV D as much as me.

  11. Caribeean Cool... The MAster Of The Reverse Trampoline German Head Suplex!

  12. Vivek has been a fun to be with.. After all our minor project was a superduperhit but not bigger than DEV-D
    I really dont think he likes taking pics,inspite he likes just clicking the button.. Can take minimum 5 pics in a second,there is no upper limit..!

  13. of all the people mentioned here
    very few to me are dear
    you sir,are not one of them
    so a limerick now you shall hear.

    "lets join hands,lets join hands",stop being so gay
    I hate the way you use those words "lets play"
    I am not dada
    and i'd rather
    with brar dance the night away!
    (ok,no.not lesser of the two evils.i take that back).

  14. Rupak has often irked me
    he's a rodent that lurks beneath
    the beds of the freshers
    and even in some creches
    in kicking his ass,are you with me?

  15. listen.
    and listen carefully.this is important.

    heres a direct quote of yours from somewhere in this blog.

    "lets join our hands and blow people"

    i ask myself.WHY?why has your mind been influenced so much by your surroundings?

    so you live in hostel 1.
    so you live 10 feet from dada.
    so u eat with 500 boys everyday.

    can you not see it?
    are you so blind.
    you are changing.and its not healthy.

    i know are not completely hard (i mean put in more effort(i mean mentally,not physically)) to eradicate this disease.

    stay harshit.

    goodluck and godspeed,
    your friend.from a distance.

    p.s.:-your male membership is placed under probation.

  16. vivek sinha.. cool banda ! hamesha milta h DD bhai kehke bulata h! khush hoke milta h bhot! :) known by a LOT of names in hostel and collg! guitar bhi bjata h achha! :) just know him from the surface, and can safely say is a nice nice guy! :)

    thx fr bein a part of my life @ uiet bro.

  17. the coolest guy with best publc skills..never gets angry...he is true indian at heart..with dashing hair styles..gr8 adventurer..always nice to talk to of luck for future..kepp rcking and keep in touch..

  18. This is not a test comment.

    My best friend in college, he has been there whenever i felt i needed another view to life. I do regret introducing him to drinking, but enjoy it nonetheless.

    there are some days in your life which you can't forget. most of my memories with UIET have him. Cycling around the town in second semester. The visit to the village behind the lake will not be forgotten. Sector 22. The PG. There's a lot. Those times will never be back. We've come a long way, but the time comes rushing back on closing our eyes.

    The visits to all sorts of places. Dagshai. The list just goes on.

    And i'm sure i'm about to loose the bet for a thousand bucks. stay random.