Monday, February 16, 2009

Vineet Singla


  1. a very decnt guy...matured n sensible...bst f lck 4 ur mba..

  2. the innocent guy of our group.....roll no 35.....remains calm in all his works........will always hit u in legside while batting in cricket..........a very gud friend to have and talk to.........his ideas would b very logical at times........gud luck for ur future buddy......keep in touch!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Vinty,, the guy to whon I met on very 1st day of college.Remains cool, whatever the situation may be. I have never seen this person, loosing his temper.Sometimes his ideas are of great use.Alwaya have the solution of my problems, of any variety. Mostly hits on wrong side while playing cricket... Gud Luck for MBA.
    Best Wishes For The Future M.U.N.D.I.Y.A.

  5. Some people are just there... whenever you look around.... yet they don't pop out of the background and stand out....

    Vinti is simple and a great person to be around. Though i met him in the very early days of college, he became more known to me through vivek. A good friend who is always there when you need him.